Best Clinic PLLC is a primary-care practice that has proudly served the residents of assisted living commmunities in North Carolina since 2014. Our broad footprint in the community allows us to provide care for our patients at varying levels of their needs for a continuum of quality care. We provide all the customary services you would find in a regular doctor′s office; the difference is that we bring it to you.

In-Home Visits
If you are an aficionado of “old TV”, you probably have watched a doctor walking into a home with his little black bag to care for a sick patient. There were no doctor’s offices until the early to mid-eighteenth century, and hour calls persisted even up to the late 1970’s. The decline in house calls was due primarily to the specialization of medicine, increased testing, and technology requiring patients to come to an office or lab for procedures.

In the 21st century, the in-home visit has returned as a medical specialty of its own, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility. Current improvements in technology and testing allow these services to be brought to the home as well, resulting in the same level of care that was previously found only in the doctor’s office. In-home visits save money by providing homebound patients with preventative care. In-home visits also save time with fewer emergency and hospital visits and save patients from many inconveniences such as ambulance transportation, waiting rooms, and exposure to other patient’s illnesses.

Insurance  Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurance typically covers the cost of care. We can also accept payments/copays via checks and credit/debit cards by calling our office. Best Clinic PLLC does not charge any hidden or additional trip fees to come to you, unlike other doctors who make house calls.


Our Services

We provide all the customary services you would find in a regular doctor′s office; the difference is that we bring it to you. We provide expert and staff support to the facilities we serve. We help facilities improve their QA and state compliance. We can provide nursing support, work with labs, home health, imaging and other specialists when needed.

Benefits of working with us 

We specialize in site visits. We are committed to delivering personalized, quality medical services to you in the safety and comfort of your home or site, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility. As your primary-care providers, our goal is to help facilities and residents manage health care, to promote wellness and less hospitalization. As your primary-care provider, we offer:

  • No more long stays in waiting rooms, we come right to your home.
  • Elimination of missed work for family members to take you to the doctor.
  • Coordination of care among other healthcare providers.
  • Improved compliance with medical treatment plans.
  • Improved medical outcomes.
  • Prompt and personalized attention.
  • Improved communication with the medical team.
  • Reduced visits to emergency rooms and reduced hospitalizations.
  • Assistance in dealing with family issues and concerns.
  • Providers “on call” to address after-hours medical problems


Annual Wellness Visits
Best Clinic PLLC promotes wellness. Since January 2015, Medicare beneficiaries can receive an annual wellness examination. This examination is an opportunity for patients and their providers to develop a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving health and preventing disease, developing a strategy together to help manage their health care.

Each January, we will schedule a wellness examination for each of our patients.

Get in Touch

We have a provider on call around the clock if you should need us. The after-hours service is a caring, professional staff dedicated to serving every caller’s need. Your call should be returned within the same day. In the case of emergency, please call 911

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