Is there a cost to me for the Physicians Home Visit services?
Typically, Medicare, Medicaid, and secondary insurers cover the cost of Best Clinic PLLC. Best Clinic PLLC makes it seamless to work with you in handling insurers; it is handled in the same manner as a trip to the office to see your doctor.

Who is eligible for our services?
Any adult patient with transportation and mobility limitations is eligible for Best Clinic PLLC.

Does Best Clinic PLLC replace my regular doctor?
Yes. When you or your family members require medical care in the home, Best Clinic PLLC becomes your primary-care provider.

Will Best Clinic PLLC refer me to a specialist when needed?
Yes, Best Clinic PLLC works closely with your existing specialists or will arrange one for you as needed.

What if I need care that cannot be provided in the home?
Your Best Clinic PLLC medical team will help arrange for any additional care or medical services that you need. Advanced technologies have made a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services available in the home environment, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility.

What if I need care after the office is closed?
Best Clinic PLLC provides an on-call service. If it is an emergency, you need to call 911.

How do I schedule a home visit?
Simply call our office and schedule an appointment, or contact us online. One of our physicians will be out to visit with you or your family member at your home, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility. Our health care providers are pleased to bring excellent medical care directly to you.

What if I need medication refilled?
You may request your medication refill through our Patient Portal on this website. Or call your pharmacy directly. (You should allow 48-72 hours for medication refills.)

Medication Refill Policy
All medication refill requests should be made by the pharmacy. You may request a refill directly to Best Clinic PLLC through our Patient Portal. Please allow 48 hours for refill requests. Narcotics requests must be made prior to 3:00pm or before noon on Friday. No requests for narcotics will be handled over weekends or holidays.