Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurance typically covers the cost of care. We can also accept payments/copays via checks and credit/debit cards by calling our office. Best Clinic PLLC does not charge any hidden or additional trip fees to come home to you, unlike other doctors who make housecalls.

Recently it was announced by UnitedHealthcare that more than 40,000 primary healthcare providers nationwide, including Best Clinic PLLC, would not be offered a continuing contract as network providers. We atBest Clinic PLLC share your concern and surprise at this decision and the impact this may have on your healthcare. While we continue to advocate for UnitedHealthcare to include our services for our special patient population, we also have examined alternatives to support you, our patients.

Please consider the following resources:

Contact UnitedHealthcare at: 1-800-537-2977 (when the recording starts press 1-1-1-3, this will get you to a live operator), then request continued services due to your limited transportation issues and/or mobility limitations. It’s called a clinical gap extension.

SHIIP- Seniors Health Insurance Information Program can give you valuable FREE advice.

Financial care-(336-896-1328)

Help Line-(336-724-2040)

How to become a patient?

Becoming our patient is simple. You can fill out our Patient Intake/Admissions Form by downloading it and mailing it to us, or calling our office for an intake form to be mailed to you.

Once we receive the completed intake form, we can schedule your first visit. Please note, an incomplete form may delay your first visit. We will call you to make an appointment, usually within two weeks of receiving your completed information.

The intake/admissions form requires copies of several documents from you:

  • Insurance card (front and back)
  • Medical Administration Record (MAR)
  • FL2 (North Carolina Medicaid Program Long-Term Services, completed by a physician)
  • Code Status forms – Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) forms
  • Living Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Compound Authorization
  • Additionally a copy of your family medical history will help us know what to look for in diagnosing our patient.

What to Expect/Preparing for your First In-Home Visit

What to Expect/Preparing for Your First In-Home Visit

We will call to schedule an appointment with you, usually a general time of arrival (example: between 2:00pm and 4:00pm). A clinical team of two, a nurse practitioner and a clinical assistant, will come to your home, whether your home is a private residence or an assisted living facility, at the scheduled time.

Your first visit with Best Clinic PLLC will include diagnostic tests to provide a comprehensive health workup. The results from these tests provide necessary information for appropriate medical treatment. In addition, the following information will allow us to better serve you as our patient:

  • Inform Best Clinic PLLC of any other doctors, dentists or therapists currently providing healthcare services.
  • Have all medications and supplements available at each visit for the team to review.
  • Inform Best Clinic PLLC of any Emergency Room or hospital visits.
  • Also, please be prepared with questions you may have. Our goal is to include you in your healthcare management.