Best Clinic PLLC specializes in elder care. We are committed to delivering personalized, quality medical services to you in the safety and comfort of your home, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility. As your primary-care physicians, our goal is to help you manage your health care, to promote wellness and less hospitalization.
As your primary-care provider, we offer:

  • No more long stays in waiting rooms, we come right to your home.
  • Elimination of missed work for family members to take you to the doctor.
  • Coordination of care among other healthcare providers.
  • Improved compliance with medical treatment plans.
  • Improved medical outcomes.
  • Prompt and personalized attention.
  • Improved communication with the medical team.
  • Reduced visits to emergency rooms and reduced hospitalizations.
  • Assistance in dealing with family issues and concerns.
  • Nurses “on call” to address after-hours medical problems.

In-Home Medical Care Benefits
Coming home to you not only reduces the stress of going out for a doctor′s visit, it also provides an additional level of care. Seeing you in your home, whether home is a private residence or an assisted living facility, can give us clues about your condition that you may be reluctant to share or not even think about in a doctor′s office. We can observe you as you navigate your daily environment to identify potential safety hazards or fall risks. We can be certain that your medications and dosages are filled as prescribed and are being taken appropriately. We can determine environmental issues that could be impacting your health. We can see for ourselves if you are eating properly.

Quality care means a higher level of care, a level only possible when we come home to you.

Best Clinic PLLC is certified as Medical Home with Community Care of North Carolina.

Caring about you is the most important job of Medical Home. We are part of your team of healthcare providers with the goal of getting the right care and services for you. As your primary care provider, we will coordinate your healthcare across the spectrum of services.